Sterline Sonic Pulse Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush Review

Sterline Sonic Pulse Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush ReviewSterline Sonic Pulse Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush Review – Whenever we talk about quality electric toothbrush, some of the famous brands comes in our mind. While these brands certainly offer lots of features, their products also come with a hefty price tag. Premium range electric toothbrush cannot be afforded by everyone, let alone buy its accessories. Users may need to look out for the usual brands in order to buy the effective yet affordable product. The Sterline Sonic Pulse is an electric toothbrush that perfectly balances the level of superior performance along with a great price tag. It is an ideal example that premium products can also be available by spending much lesser cash. One cannot imagine to understand the importance of maintaining the oral hygiene. The usual toothbrush may not be as effective in cleaning out the plaque and bacteria from your mouth. The Sterline Sonic Pulse electric toothbrush simply breaks all the records of its competitors in almost every department.

Design, Build, and Accessories

From the design aspects, the build quality of the product is not too appealing. Unlike other premium products, you can easily feel the difference in the plastic material, but does the job of making it fairly attractive. What makes it special is the slimmer body and its weight, amounting for the sleek design. You will never feel the brush too bulky or discomforting during your brushing session. If you are used to other electric models, it may take a while to get hold of this toothbrush. Since the brush handle is glossy on all the sides, the handling may feel a bit off at the beginning.

The package includes a brush handle, three brush heads, a charger and a UV sterilizer.  Normally, every top end model you see will have around 2 brush heads included in the package, but sterline electric toothbrush offers three brush heads, which is a big plus to the users. Each of the brush head is meant to function for a different purpose. The Slimsonic Brush Head- cleans and stays gentle on the gums, Professional Brush Head- cleans the hard to reach areas of the mouth, especially between the teeth due to its extra fine bristles and Interdental Brush Head- ideal for people with braces or crowns.

Sterline Sonic Pulse Electric Toothbrush

Sterline Sonic Pulse Electric Toothbrush

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The top end of the brush has LED indicators, which display light during the brushing and while charging. There are two buttons on the front side of the handle, including a power button for ON and OFF procedure, and the Mode button for changing modes.

Another unique aspect of the brush is the application of the UV sterilizer which comes along with the package. Very few brushes in the market offer a UV sterilizer. All you need to do is simply place the brush heads in the container and let it do the job. It takes around 7 minutes to completely clean the brush head from bacteria with a 99% kill rate.


The oscillating motion of the brush ensures that every part of the mouth is completely cleaned from the plaque and bacteria. Even the most remote parts of the mouth are effectively cleaned by using one of the required brush heads and its operational modes. The extra soft bristles of the head make sure that your teeth and gums remain free from any sort of damage.

The brush has a 2-minute inbuilt timer, which automatically shuts down the brush after the time is up. There are no indication of 30 seconds intervals as seen in other products, but once you get used to the timer, you can easily manage to work around all the areas of the mouth without any notifications.

It offers three operational modes namely, Normal-for regular teeth cleaning, Gentle- for sensitive gums, and Pulse- for gum stimulation. It takes around 24 hours to charge the device completely. The charging unit is made from good quality plastic and has a suction cups at the bottom to hold the unit from moving.

Final Thoughts

Many names may come in mind when selecting a toothbrush with top-notch features, but only one comes in the mind when talking about an affordable yet equally performing toothbrush. The Sterline Sonic Pulse electric toothbrush is one of the cheap electric toothbrush in the market, which can easily give a tough competition to some of the most favored brands in the market.

Sterline Sonic Pulse Electric Toothbrush

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