Philips Sonicare for Kids Sonic Electric Toothbrush Review

Philips Sonicare for KidsPhilips Sonicare for Kids Sonic Electric Toothbrush Review – It is generally assumed in many countries that toothbrushes used by the adults are meant for kids as well. This is a misconception as an adult toothbrush is in no way feasible for kids. For one, kids have a smaller mouth and their teeth and gums are not as firm or strong as adults. The adult toothbrush has hard bristles and exerts extra pressure during brushing sessions. Such types of brushing can be damaging to the kid’s dental health.

In order to be compatible with child’s mouth, the brush has to be gentle and effective so that it can provide optimum results while protecting their delicate teeth and gums. Kids are subjected to a lot of sugary food like chocolates and candies, which build plaque in their mouth. Plus, they don’t take care of their oral habits as adults do, hence, it becomes a necessary to search for a toothbrush that can give good results, but preferably provide a bit of entertainment at the same time. Philips Sonicare for kids is the answer to the brushing concerns that parents have for their kids. The electric toothbrush is an ideal companion for kids to ensure a motivated perfect brushing session with entertainment.

Design, Build, and Hardware

sonicare for kidsKid’s electric toothbrush has to be eye catching as opposed to an adult toothbrush and Philips know exactly the right kind of approach. The basic package comes with a brush handle, a brush head, charger base, 8 brush handle stickers and 2 sticker sheets. Stickers can be used for customizing the brush handle. With the adult toothbrush, we focus on the overall color, whereas Sonicare Kids offer different stickers that can be customized on a brush handle to make your kids brushing session a happy session.

The product weighs just 0.75 pounds with a total length of 9.6 inches. It is an ideal length for the kids. The design and build quality is equally appealing as the adult toothbrushes available from Philips. The front panel has two buttons, one for powering the device and the other for changing operational modes. The entire design is pretty much the same as the adult toothbrush with simplistic style so kids find it relatively easy to use.

The addition of stickers makes the overall period of brushing an fun session. The toothbrush contains a power rechargeable lithium ion battery to provide long usage on a single charge. The charging unit is pretty standard as well.


The brush functions on a patented sonic technology that provides 500 strokes per minute, which is an ideal figure since we are talking about kids here. The brushing session is said to clean around 75% more effectively than manual toothbrushes.

Philips Sonicare for Kids - Best Electric Toothbrush for Kids

Philips Sonicare for Kids

The 2-minute timer in the brush ensures that kids perform a thorough cleaning in the mouth. The kids pacer will remind the kids to change the direction of brushing every 30 seconds so the entire mouth is covered in a session.

The most interesting thing about the kids electric toothbrush is the application of Bluetooth connectivity. The Bluetooth enabled app allows the brush to connect with the device. It is an interactive app that functions to keep the kids engaged in brushing with a complete focus on improving the performance. The app also allows the parents to keep the track of their kid’s brushing habits so they can motivate their child to improve the performance. The app has set goals for the kids, hence, they get rewarded for completing the goals. It is a great overall experience for the kids that will keep them entertained and at the same time provides effective cleaning. Around 98% parents believe that the app has helped their kids to brush with better performance and longer duration.

Final Thoughts

Philips Sonicare for Kids is the best electric toothbrush for kids in the market. Apart from functioning to the top level of performance, the brush also keeps the kids entertained while brushing. It educates the kids about the proper way of brushing and even keeps the track of their brushing habits so parents can easily monitor it. With the Sonicare brush, you can be sure you are helping to improve your kid’s oral habits, secure in the knowledge that a simple brushing session will be entertaining them.

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